Custom Minerals. Solid Partnerships. Your Pure Calcium Carbonate Powder Supplier of Choice.

pure calcium carbonate powder, buy calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate bulkWe’re a company that’s known for revolutionizing a commodity-driven mineral market by adding value through solid partnerships and delivering customized pure calcium carbonate powder mineral solutions across many industries.

Since 1945, GLC has been processing calcium carbonate bulk and calcium carbonate filler products at our dockside facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. With roots back to 1871, as a family run business, we’ve grown to become the leader in custom mineral processing for markets such as agronomy, animal feed, plastics, environmental, glass and industrial fillers. As a premier Upper Midwest mineral supplier, we leverage experience and expertise to make sure our level of customer support equals the quality of our calcium carbonate filler products.

We have designed flexibility into our process equipment that allows us to work closely with customers to produce the optimal pure calcium carbonate powder. Being locally owned helps us make decisions and respond quickly to customer’s needs. The use of low-cost vessel transportation for our raw materials enables us to deliver our calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate filler products at a very competitive price. The key location of our dock on the Great Lakes allows us to efficiently take delivery and then organize logistics throughout the region.

Our solid partnerships are formed and strengthened due to the values, purpose and vision that our employees live by. Our core purpose is to keep businesses running and that is backed by our values of get better every day, love they neighbor, do what it takes and own your future. The combination of our purpose and values and the quality of our products, makes us a strong supplier; your supplier of choice and where you can buy calcium carbonate powder.

The History of GLC Minerals

pure calcium carbonate powder, buy calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate bulk