Ag Lime Makes for Greener Pastures

GLC Minerals is a producer of ground Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), in which is also used as agricultural lime (ag lime), or agricultural limestone (liming).

Crushed limestone is used to neutralize acids in the soil and create the optimum soil conditions for crop growth. It also helps to break down clays and improve the soil structure, thus improving drainage and reducing soil erosion. Limestone provides a source of calcium ions that are an important plant nutrient and pH adjuster.

Ag lime quality is determined by the purity and fineness of the product. The chemical purity of ag lime is represented by the calcium carbonate equivalent (CCE) number which is determined in the lab. Ag lime made of finely ground particle sizes reacts more quickly with soil than larger particle sizes because more surface area is exposed. More exposed surface area increases solubility. In Wisconsin, ag lime quality is categorized by the neutralizing index. The neutralizing index is calculated by multiplying the purity and fineness factors. Hurlbut Hi-Cal Ag lime has a Neutralizing Index of 101.

The main benefits of ag lime on soil are:

  • Soil acidity (pH) reduction and alkalinity increase
  • Enhanced source of calcium and magnesium for plants
  • Improved water penetration for acidic soils
  • Increases absorption of major plant nutrients in acid soils

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We also offer calcium sulfate as an alternative to calcium for your soil conditioning applications.