Spreader-Set Up

With the fine grind of the GLC Minerals Products it is important to take time to ensure proper spreader set up for correct application rates and ease of application.

There are a number of different spreader configurations on the market. Spreader chain size, chain material, gate opening, spreader box angle, box chain guard, and spreader box smoothness can all affect material flow.

Recommended Configuration

The spreader has to have a minimum of a 20 inch chain width. Ideally it should be 24 inches or larger and be composed of a bar chain. A belt over chain or mesh chain configuration will work but adjustments may need to be made to gate opening to allow less restrictions on material coming out of the box.

The inside of the spreader box should be smooth to allow material to easily flow onto the chain – if the inside of the box is rusted it is advised that it either be painted or have slip plate applied to keep material from hanging up.

The chain guard (inside the box on some spreaders) should be raised to allow more room for material to move to the chain.
To configure gate opening for application rate, it is best to use manufactures recommended settings. It is advised that gate openings never go below 4 inches.

Spread pattern will vary depending on application rates, product density, weather conditions, spinner height (distance off the ground), spinner speed, and location of the spinners. If spinner speed is adjustable it should be set at 650-700 Revolutions per Minute. If the spinners are adjustable they should be moved to be as close to the spreader box as possible.

Loading Instructions

When loading the spreader, it is advised to feather the material into the spreader to keep material from packing in the box. Fill the spreader 1/3 full on the first load is recommended in order to check material flow and make any adjustments as needed.
If material has received precipitation it is advised to work the material on the ground before loading the spreader. Blending damp and dry material may help with product flow through the spreader.