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PRODUCT: Multesium™

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Calcium 33.0%, Magnesium 7.7%

INGREDIENTS: Oxides, Hydroxides, and Carbonates of Magnesium and Calcium

BULK DENSITY (APPROX.) lbs/cu.ft.: Compact 77 lbs/cubic foot, Loose 61 lbs/cubic foot

MOISTURE: < 2.0%

BENEFIT: Mined in North America with formulation and distribution from the Midwest, a direct-to-dairy magnesium formulation feed additive with over 50% greater absorption than other magnesium sources

DATA SHEETS: Multesium™

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Multesium Dairy Cows

Lab tested, nutritionist-approved magnesium feed additive formulated for dairy acidosis management

Innovative and high-performing, Multesium™ is a complete source of magnesium and calcium for your dairy herd to support health and increase production. Multesium’s proprietary formula contains three sources of magnesium–magnesium oxide, hydroxide and sulfate—which results in unmatched bioavailability for dairy cows.

Designed as a direct-to-dairy product for on-site mixing, this feed additive is an alternative to other magnesium formulations and demonstrates over 50% greater absorption in lab tests. As a locally sourced mineral solution for Midwest dairies, Multesium is delivered directly to your farm, giving you more control, flexibility, and peace of mind.

You won’t have to manage delivery disruptions or inconsistent quality, and because it comes in a highly soluble powder form, you’ll see the difference in the health of your dairy and the quality of your milk.

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How Multesium™ Works for Your Dairy

Multesium Chemistry


Our proprietary magnesium formulation is a complete, highly bioavailable source of calcium and magnesium, with a guaranteed analysis of at least 33% calcium and 7.7% magnesium. With a 90% absorption rate in our lab tests, you’ll see more of the product at work and less waste, resulting in better overall herd health and production.


Because Multesium™ is a fine powder, when added to the feed mixture it binds effectively, leading to greater consumption by the animal. Optimal storage for this blend is in dry, horizontal containers. The product is then mixed on-site with the dairy feed.

Multesium Application
Multesium Ration


Subject to your nutritionist’s advice, on average the recommended consumption per head is 0.8 pounds per day. The use of Multesium™ allows for greater space in most herd rations due to the particle size and palatability of the product.

Custom delivery options

We deliver directly to your farm at a frequency that meets your dairy’s unique requirements. Orders are placed by the truckload.

Multesium Custom Delivery Options

Managing Acidosis in Dairy Cows: How Multesium Works

Due to the high-energy rations of most dairy cows in production, the highly fermentable starch in their diets creates a high-pH environment in the digestive system, disrupting digestion, health, and consequently, production. This condition is acidosis. Animal nutritionists leverage magnesium as a dietary buffer for dairy cows to manage acidosis. Multesium™ provides farmers a direct-to-dairy feed additive solution that has tested and demonstrated efficacy in balancing rumen pH.

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