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Manufacturer and supplier of calcium carbonate, dolomitic lime, gypsum and magnesium

For five generations and previously known as Great Lakes Calcium Company, GLC Minerals has stood beside the farmers of Wisconsin, providing mineral solutions and helping support local communities. That’s why we are proud to offer our farming community a set of superior performing mineral products including calcium carbonate, dolomitic lime, gypsum and magnesium.

Wisconsin’s unique underlying soils drive demand for soil amendments. Whether the crop is corn, alfalfa or another crop, each crop and soil type require different soil treatment solutions to improve production. We understand the science of soil and crop management, and we also know that today more than ever, cost-effective agronomy solutions are paramount to every agricultural operation.

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Mineral Application Spreading Services and Delivery

In order to better serve our growing customer base, GLC Minerals has expanded into application mineral services. Utilizing direct relationships with large growers, we provide expert consulting and customizable application services. Allow us to help, with making recommendations; whether you are looking to purchase and pick up products in Green Bay, or would like product delivered and spread.

We have a dedicated fleet of trucks and a logistics team that will deliver your calcium carbonate, dolomitic lime, gypsum or magnesium on time, every time. Our experienced spreaders will apply the product to your soil utilizing our proprietary Target-Spread system- reducing drift and enhancing direct drop. We will also manage freight and application logistics as a full-service mineral solution provider to our local providers.

Call us at 1-800-236-7737 or email to add our application services to your order.

Proper Spreader Set-Up
Agronomy ProductTypeBest SoilBest CropBenefit
UltraCal™Natural Calcium Carbonate with high Calcium content and low Magnesium contentHeavy soil that is in ne­ed of pH adjustmentAlfalfa, Corn Silages, Corn, SoybeansFast-acting neutralizer, bulk powder, cost-effective
90 UltraCal™ BlendNatural Dolomitic Lime with high Magnesium content and low Calcium contentSandy or lighter soils that are low in Magnesium in need of an increased pH adjustmentPotato, Corn, Soybean, WheatEffective neutralizer, slower release for in lighter soils, bulk powder, cost-effective
UltraMag™Natural Dolomitic LimeSoils needing Magnesium and increased pHCornHigh neutralizer, up to 4.5 times slower release, bulk powder, cost-effective
MegaSol™Natural GypsumHeavy soils that are high in Magnesium, low in Calcium and needs improved soil structurePotato, Vegetables, Alfalfa, Corn, Soybeans.pH neutral, season-long release, cost-effective

Soil Health Management for Improved Production

We know that producers, strive for increased yields and improved production. To achieve this, soil health has become a key factor in both areas. Soil pH can become acidic from acid parent material, utilization of nitrogen fertilizers, and from bases removed by crops. A balanced pH helps with macro and micronutrient availability, reduces fertilizer waste, improves crop establishment and microbial activity, and provides a strong return on investment. As a calcium carbonate, dolomitic lime, gypsum and magnesium supplier, GLC Minerals offers a variety of minerals that growers can utilize in their operation for pH adjustment. From corn to potatoes to alfalfa, we have cost-effective minerals that will directly affect your yield and your bottom line.

Efficient and Cost-effective Soil Amendment

Our products provide pH correction on a wide variety of soils, as well as calcium and sulfur nutrition to correct soil imbalances. All of GLC Minerals’ agronomy products are naturally mined and backed by science. As a manufacturer and supplier of calcium carbonate and other nutrient-rich minerals, farmers will have both peace of mind and assurance that their soils have received highly efficient and cost-effective soil amendments.

Unlike pelletized products which are expensive or traditional aglime that is hit or miss, GLC agronomy minerals products provide growers consistent and effective minerals for their soils and crops to thrive. We distribute bulk calcium carbonate, magnesium, gypsum and dolomitic lime throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula.

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Custom Blends

As mineral suppliers and agronomy experts, GLC Minerals understands that every farmer's need is different and varies by soil, crop and weather. If you have a unique situation, ask us about our custom blends.

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