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From readymix and precast concrete products to paints, adhesives, caulks and sealants, GLC Minerals provides high quality, volume enhancing solutions. Through exact specifications, we deliver low oil and water absorption, and high opacity as well as added durability to our customers. In adhesives and sealants, we add body for increased chemical and weather resistance. No matter the application, our industrial volume enhancing products perform at the highest level. GLC offers ground gypsum as calcium sulfate dihydrate for industrial applications.  Contact GLC for more information.


Concrete proof to the success of your products.

We supply volume enhancing products to both the ready mix and precast concrete markets. Our products supplement the cement mix with a low cost but high performing solution that drives better margins without losing quality or strength.



For bottles or float glass manufacturing, our benefits are clear.

Whether you are manufacturing bottles or float glass, GLC Minerals produces high-quality minerals for the glass industry. With the dwindling supply of ash, more customers are turning to our glass products.  Made from calcium carbonate and calcium magnesium dolomite, our GlasCal and GlasDolo products offer ideal sizing and chemistry for glass manufacturing.

GLC Minerals, LLC (10015318) has been certified by DQS Inc. to ISO 9001:2015 and is well versed in the needs of glass manufacturers.

Glass manufacturers purchase GlasDolo and GlasCal from GLC Minerals for their raw materials. Commercial glass is made by one of two main processes–float glass or glass blowing. GLC Minerals’ GlasCal and GlasDolo can be used in both processes. Float glass is used to produce flat glass for windowpanes, structural glass, automotive glass, and mirrors. Glass blowing is used for drinking glasses, bottles, and other food containers.

In glassmaking, raw materials are added to a furnace at temperatures over 3,000 o  F.  Sand plus GlasCal (limestone) and GlasDolo (dolomite) are added along with soda ash. Products like GlasCal and GlasDolo are used to improve mechanical properties and the physical appearance of glass and glass products, including hardening and durability.


We don’t produce fillers, we produce volume enhancers.

At GLC Minerals we’re changing the language by changing industry. Our products do more than “fill,” they enhance the volume of your products with proven performance, high-quality, precision ground and gradated solutions. Name a plastic or rubber product and GLC Minerals will show you an industry-leading, volume enhancing solutions. Epoxies, polypropylene, polyesters, polyolefin film, PVC pipe, rubber hoses and floor matting all benefit from the cost-saving technology of our calcium technology.

Power that includes: increased heat and impact resistance, reduced oil absorption, and enhanced dimensional stability and strength. We offer a myriad of product applications with one goal – add value.

GLC CalPro™ Series

Rubber Sealant

High performance meets low maintenance.

At GLC Minerals, our volume enhancers for paint, adhesives, caulks, and sealants are as equally impressive on a spreadsheet as they are on a construction site. Through exact specifications, we deliver low oil and water absorption, high opacity and brightness as well as added durability to our customers’ CAS products. In adhesives and sealants, we add body for increased chemical and weather resistance. No matter the application, our products perform at a high level.

When it comes to asphalt, GLC Minerals truly rules the road. Our road-tested, dry ground calcium carbonate, with a controlled range of fine particle sizes has been a staple in the asphalt sealants and emulsions industry for many years. Offering high-performance as a volume enhancer, our customers get the best of both worlds with increased density and stability, reinforced structure and increased rheology.

GLC CalPro™ Series

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