Our Level of Customer Support Equals the Quality of Our Products

Our Customer Service

This means no hassles, on time delivery, and friendly, personal service with each and every order. We really get to know our customers and go out of our way to ensure satisfaction. If that means a personal visit, we’ll do it. If that means going out of our way for our customers, we will do it. Our dedicated experts will source the perfect grade of mineral to suit your needs from a select network of suppliers.

Transportation & Logistics

Being located in Green Bay, Wisconsin definitely has benefits. GLC Minerals has direct access to all transportation modalities – truck, rail, boat. We partner with trucking companies who have hopper bottom, pneumatic, van, flatbed, dump and end-dump trailers. We also have the capability to load railcars at our facility and utilize the Canadian National Railroad Company (CN). With the strategic advantage of our dock location, an experienced logistics department and strong transportation partnerships, we can execute the most critical of delivery schedules.

Container Inspections & Sealing

Meets container cleanliness relative to animal feed standards
Ensures product that was loaded is the product you receive


Product is packaged to meet customer requirements and ensure quality standards
Available packaging configurations include: 50 lb bags, various sizes of super sacks, and bulk

Flexible Production

Batch mode based on shipping history
Produce-to-order for special needs


24/7 shipping available by appointment only