By GLC Minerals

PRODUCT: UltraCal™

TYPE: Natural Calcium Carbonate with high Calcium Content and low Magnesium Content

BEST SOIL: Heavy soil that is in need of pH adjustment

BEST CROP: Alfalfa, Corn Silages, Corn, Soybeans

BENEFIT: Fast-acting neutralizer, bulk powder, cost-effective


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Benefits of UltraCal™: Greater Yields + Greater ROI

Greater Yield

UltraCal™ custom processed lime from GLC Minerals is 97% pure calcium carbonate (CaCO3), This naturally occurring mineral is processed to a fine powder (95% passing 100 mesh) that will change soil pH more effectively than aglime. Pure, finely ground UltraCal reacts faster and more effectively than aglime to neutralize soil acids and protect yields. In addition, GLC Minerals has developed a proprietary production system to ensure just enough moisture to reduce drift and ensure application accuracy. UltraCal is the best option to rapidly increase the pH of near-neutral soils. Recent field experiments in Iowa showed that dolomitic lime takes longer to reach a certain pH value than calcitic lime.

Greater ROI

For optimum yields, effective liming material must raise the soil pH to a desired level. UltraCal™ custom processed lime from GLC minerals does just that, with the smallest amount of material applied possible. In contrast, aglime must be applied farther in advance and at much higher rates per acre than UltraCal. In some cases, poor quality aglime may not increase soil pH to the desired level.

UltraCal™ vs. Pelleted Lime

UltraCal is more cost effective than pelleted lime. The pelletizing process adds considerablecost to the product without any improved effectiveness. Pelletizing can make soil correction cost prohibitive.

UltraCal™ FAQ

How is UltraCal™ better than Aglime?

UltraCal and UltraMagwill change pH more effectively than aglime because lime from GLC Minerals is purer and processed to a fine powder.

Is all lime the same?

No, lime is quite different from quarry to quarry. Besides differences in calcium and magnesium, there are big differences in purity and finesses of grind. These factors determine how effective the lime sources will be and whether you will see a yield increase.

How is UltraCal™ better than pelletized aglime?

UltraCal and UltraMag (dolomitic lime) are purer and processed to a finer powder, than some pel-lime products. We do add a small amount of moisture to ensure it spreads well. Since there is no costly pelletizing, our products save growers a lot of money while enjoying increased yields.

What is the difference in UltraCal™ (hi-cal lime) and dolomitic lime?

UltraCal is a high calcium lime that is low in magnesium. It is a perfect fit for heavier soils and forcorn silage and alfalfa. Dolomitic lime is high in magnesium. It is perfect for lighter soils, extremely low pH soils and potatoes.

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