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TYPE: Natural Gypsum

BEST SOIL: Heavy soils that are high in Magnesium, low in Calcium and needs improved soil structure.

BEST CROP: Potato, vegetables, alfalfa, corn, soybeans

BENEFIT: pH neutral, season-long release, cost-effective.


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Benefits oMegaSol™: Greater Yields + Greater ROI 

Greater Yield

MegaSol™ processed gypsum from GLC Minerals is 20% calcium and 16% sulfate sulfur. This naturally occurring mineral is processed to a fine powder (69% passing 100 mesh) making it extremely effective at providing plants calcium, sulfur and improving soils.

Pure, finely ground MegaSol is more effective at providing plant nutrients than other products like elemental sulfur or limestone. Plus, since MegaSol is pH neutral it won’t change the pH of soils like limestone, elemental sulfur or ammonium sulfate (AMS).

MegaSol provides nutrients to plants at a controlled rate throughout the growing season, unlike highly soluble AMS or thiosulfate which is prone to leaching on lighter, sandier soils. MegaSol is also perfect for soils that are calcium deficient and for crops requiring high amounts of calcium: alfalfa, corn silage or potatoes.

Recent university research has shown that alfalfa is quite responsive to calcium sulfate. The average response yielded more than 1 ton/acre. Potato yield and quality responses to applied calcium are consistently seen in Wisconsin. Calcium-treated tubers have been shown to resist bacterial soft rot in storage. In Wisconsin, soils with a calcium soil test less than 400 ppm on sands or less than 600 ppm on medium-textured soils are most likely to respond to MegaSol.

Greater ROI

While there are numerous sulfur fertilizer sources, MegaSol™ can provide season-long sulfur nutrition more cost effectively.

Sulfur behaves similar to nitrogen in soils and is subject to leaching. The entire state of Wisconsin has seen increasing responses to sulfur. MegaSol is finely ground, releasing sulfate sulfur into the soil solution for season-long uptake. High application rates of MegaSol has shown to reduce soil-dissolved reactive phosphorus which may result in reduced phosphorus in runoff. Dairies that struggle with high soil phosphorus levels may benefit from MegaSol applications.

MegaSol™ FAQ

What is MegaSol™?

MegaSol™ is custom processed gypsum from GLC Minerals is 20% calcium and 16% sulfate sulfur processed to a fine powder (69% passing 100 mesh).  MegaSol is perfect for soils that are calcium deficient and for crops requiring high amounts of calcium like alfalfa, corn silage or potatoes.

What is the difference between lime and gypsum? 

Lime contains carbonate which increases soil pH. Gypsum contains calcium sulfate which supplies crops with calcium and sulfur nutrition. At higher rates it can improve water infiltration and improve many aspects of soils. 

What type of soil require gypsum? 

MegaSol™ should be used on soils that need calcium and/or sulfur but do not require pH change. It can be used on all crops that need calcium and/or sulfur nutrition, for example: corn silage, alfalfa and potatoes. 

How is MegaSol™ better than pelletized gypsum? 

MegaSol™ is similar to pelletized gypsum in purity. Both products are processed into a fine powder. We do add a small amount of moisture to ensure MegaSol spreads well. The main difference is that MegaSol is not pelletized. Since there is no costly pelletizing process, our products give growers the opportunity to save money and still enjoy increased yields. 

How is MegaSol different from synthetic gypsum? 

MegaSol™ is a naturally mined gypsum. It is extremely pure. So pure that it is also used in animal feeds, so you can trust it is safe for use on your farm. 

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