Agronomy Frequently Asked Questions

How is this better than Aglime?

UltraCal and InstaLime will change pH more effectively than aglime because lime from GLC Minerals is purer and processed to a fine powder. 

How is this better than pel-lime?

UltraCal and InstaLime are purer and processed to a finer powder, than some pel-lime products. We do add a small amount of moisture to ensure it spreads well. Since there is no costly pelletizing, our products save growers a lot of money while enjoying increased yields.

What is the difference in UltraCal and InstaLime?

UltraCal is a high calcium lime that is low in magnesium. It is a perfect fit for heavier soils and for corn silage and alfalfa. InstaLime is a dolomitic lime that is high in magnesium. It is perfect for lighter soils, extremely low pH soils and potatoes.

How do I know what product to use?

Our agronomy team can help you determine the best product for your needs. We recommend having a current soil test to help guide the decision. 

Isn’t all lime the same?

No, lime is quite different from quarry to quarry. Besides differences in calcium and magnesium, there are big differences in purity and finesses of grind. These factors determine how effective the lime sources will be and whether you will see a yield increase.

How do I buy your product?

We sell all our products direct to growers. To start your order, click here.

Can I apply it myself?

Yes, if you have dry application equipment, we can deliver GLC Mineral products to your field. We also have dry application equipment available for your use.

Do you offer customer application?

Yes, we work with several third-party applicators who can get your lime applied correctly and in a timely manner.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, our logistics team can schedule your shipments. Alternatively, you can arrange your own freight if you would prefer. We recommend you ship in an end dump trailer and not in a hopper bottom.

Can I have my local ag retailer buy and apply your products?

Sure, we are more than happy to work with your local ag retailer. Have them contact our agronomy staff.

Isn’t fine ground lime more prone to drift?

Yes, fine ground lime is more prone to drift. To solve this issue, we have developed proprietary equipment to add a small amount of moisture to your lime at loadout. Our products are shipped with 4-6% moisture content to ensure accurate spreading and to reduce drift. 

How do I know how much to apply?

You soil test will tell you how much lime to apply. In most cases we recommend using the number recommended by your test. Our agronomy team can also review application recommendations with you.

What can I expect in terms of results?

Since no other products match GLC Mineral’s purity and fineness of grind, you will see fast, effective change of pH with Ultra Cal and InstaLime. With MegaSol you will see higher yielding and higher quality crops.

What is MegaSol?

MegaSol is custom processed gypsum from GLC Minerals is 20% calcium and 16%sulfate sulfur processed to a fine powder (69% passing 100 mesh).  MegaSol is perfect for soils that are calcium deficient and for crops requiring high amounts of calcium like alfalfa, corn silage or potatoes.

What is the difference between Lime and gypsum?

Lime contains carbonate which increases soil pH. Gypsum contains calcium sulfate which supplies crops with calcium and sulfur nutrition. At higher rates it can improve water infiltration and improve many aspects of soils.

Where should I use MegaSol?

MegaSol should be used on soils that need calcium and/or sulfur but do not require pH change. It can be used on all crops that need calcium and/or sulfur nutrition, for example: corn silage, alfalfa and potatoes.

How do I learn more about GLC Minerals products for my farm?

Learn more by scheduling a consult with one of our agronomy team members here.

How is MegaSol better than pelletized gypsum?

MegaSol is similar to pelletized gypsum in purity. Both products are processed into a fine powder. We do add a small amount of moisture to ensure MegaSol spreads well. The main difference is that MegaSol is not pelletized. Since there is no costly pelletizing process, our products give growers the opportunity to save money and still enjoy increased yields.

How is MegaSol different from synthetic gypsum?

MegaSol is a naturally mined gypsum. It is extremely pure. So pure that is is also used in animal feeds, so you can trust it is safe for use on your farm.