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Animal nutritionists and farms across the Midwest look to GLC as their source for essential animal feed additives and supplements to elevate their livestock’s production. GLC is a trusted source for mineral additives for animal feed, delivering our customers consistent quality and service from our locally based distribution facility.

Elemental calcium and magnesium are essential to optimal animal health, nutrition, and consistent production. GLC Minerals provides feed additive solutions for commercial blending and magnesium blends for direct-to-dairy application. Our products are lab tested and nutritionist approved. Test results show our products to be effective with high absorption rates, translating into optimal bioavailability to the animal. This results in less waste, decreased cost, and increased production.

Livestock Feed Additives for Commercial Blending

Our calcium and magnesium compounds are trusted as livestock feed additives for commercial blending, providing reliable, bioavailable mineral nutrition for optimal animal health and production. Consistent, unmatched quality is the GLC Mineral promise to our animal nutrition partners. We provide minerals compatible with the dietary needs of cows, swine, and poultry.

Animal Nutrition ProductTypeSpeciesBest UseBenefit
ReliaCal™Calcium CarbonateDairy and Beef Cattle, Poultry, Swine, OtherEssential Calcium provides livestock the essential calcium used to promote good health and consistent growth.  High concentration of Calcium levels and product consistency.
ReliaSol™Calcium Sulfate DihydrateDairy and Beef Cattle, Poultry, Swine, OtherProvides livestock essential Calcium and Sulfur nutrients to promote good health and consistent growth.Product consistency, helps build amino acid methionine, and allows ruminant animals to build protein.
OptiMag™Calcium Magnesium CarbonateDairy and Beef Cattle, Poultry, Swine, OtherProvides consideration for Magnesium Oxide and Sodium Bicarbonate reduction. Excellent source of Magnesium, Calcium, and Carbonate. Enhances pH management.
PoultryCalCalcium CarbonatePoultryPoultry FeedCalcium Carbonate give eggshells strength for yield, optimal and consistent particle size for birds.

Direct-to-Dairy Magnesium Mineral Additives for Your Herd

We provide direct-to-dairy mineral solutions for magnesium and calcium supplementation to treat acidosis and improve pH in ruminant animals. With our proprietary formulations Basemin, Basemin+ and Multesium we provide dairies with a complete magnesium and calcium additive solution ready for on-site mixing. The fine particle size allows for effective mixing and consumption. These products are lab tested to have a 90% absorption rate, resulting in increased efficacy and reliable milk production.

Animal Nutrition ProductTypeSpeciesBest UseBenefit
BaseMin™Calcium/ Magnesium SupplementFeed Centers for Dairy CattleCustomized blend for Dairy CowsOffer wide variety of Calcium and Magnesium blends. Low cost and highly soluble.
BaseMin+™Calcium/ Magnesium SupplementFeed Centers for Dairy CattleCustom formulation of lime stone dolomitic lime stone with added salt and S-Carb buffer for dairy feed. Custom blending of BaseMin with addition salt and/or s-carb. Low cost and highly soluble.
Multesium™Magnesium, Calcium Carbonates, Oxides, and HydroxidesFeed Centers for Dairy CattleMagnesium product for dairy FeedHighly soluble, equivalent alkalizing effect of .25lbs of buffer. Provides consideration for Magnesium Oxide and Sodium Bicarbonate reduction.

North-American Sourced 

We’re a Midwestern mineral source for Midwest animal feed producers and farms, with quick turnaround times and local customer service.

Lab Tested

Each of our products is rigorously tested for quality and performance, showing greater bioavailability than competitor options. 

Nutritionist Approved 

Our products offer many benefits nutritionists recommend to farmers to improve herd health and increase production. 

Bottom Line Increased

Due to the quality of our mineral products, farmers who choose GLC to fortify their livestock nutrition see their profits increase with the production of their animals. 

Buy Bulk Barn Lime

Keep your cows’ comfortable and their environment sanitary with BarnLime from GLC Minerals. Our white calcium carbonate reduces the risk of slipping through regular application and neutralizes barn acids with this easy to spread product.

Get a Consultation from an Animal Nutritionist

Expert advice for correct, balanced animal nutrition is required to get the best results on your farm. We work side by side with animal nutritionists to create the custom blends their herds require. Animal nutritionists look to GLC as a source of consistent quality and deliverability. With our hands-on approach, we work within time and storage delivery constraints, so you’ll never have to worry about not having the right nutrition solutions for your herd. With GLC, we have the animal nutrition resources to get you the answers and the mineral solutions you need to support the health of your entire farm. 

Put the Most Effective Magnesium Blend to Work on Your Farm 

With a significantly higher level of solubility than comparable products, GLC is your trusted source for your cows’ magnesium and calcium nutritional requirements. Contact our customer solutions experts about order size and delivery requirements or constraints. We are ready to customize a nutrition solution that works for your herd and bottom line. 

Our Mineral Experts are Here to Help 

Reach out with your animal nutrition questions! 

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