UltraCal™ Blends

By GLC Minerals

PRODUCT: UltraCal Blends

TYPE: Mineral formulations of high Calcium Aglime with natural mined Gypsum

BEST SOIL: Heavy soils that are in need of pH and soil structure adjustment as well as sandy or lighter soils in need of minerals

BEST CROP: Potatoes, Corn, Soybeans, Grains, Vegetables and Alfalfa

BENEFIT: Formulations offer high Calcium Carbonate and Sulfates for beneficial soil mineralization

DATA SHEETS: UltraCal™ Blends

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Benefits of UltraCal™ Blends: Greater Yields + Greater ROI

Greater Yield

GLC Minerals’ UltraCal™ Blend aglime offers the benefit of a high elemental calcium input, (37) when the soil can support a little extra elemental magnesium, (1.8). Blended from GLC’s UltraCal high calcium and UltraMag, dolomitic aglime, naturally mined limestones, UltraCal Blend offers superior neutralizing compared to local pit lime.

Greater ROI

Fast acting means your soil is primed for yield and profit with your next planting. Sourced off outdoor stockpiles, the dual aglime components are field blended by the producer prior to application.

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