Basemin Frequently Asked Questions

What is BaseMin?

BaseMin is a proprietary blend of high-quality, feed-based Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium-Calcium Carbonate for use in dairy rations. Each BaseMin formulation is customized to meet the specific macromineral needs of your dairy operation. Buffer and Salt can also be blended into the BaseMin product to increase the inclusion rate.

Who is GLC Minerals?

GLC Minerals is a fifth-generation, family-owned business serving the agricultural mineral market of Wisconsin for over 80 years. Innovation and customer service are hallmarks of our company as we strive to establish and maintain long-term relationships. Our staff is fully committed to delighting our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Is BaseMin right for my dairy operation?

We find those dairy operations greater than 1,200 milking head are typically capable of capturing cost savings by unbundling ration purchases and taking advantage of farm infrastructure and economies of scale. Most of our BaseMin customers work with Nutritionists who serve the dairy owner in partnership with the feed mill or co-op. Typically, BaseMin will be stored in a covered bay inside a commodity structure or feed center.

Who arranges transportation and monitors inventory on the farm?

GLC Minerals arranges transportation and delivery. Product is delivered in a belt trailer and deposited into the designated bay. Our logistic partner is committed to following your established receiving and on-farm protocols. GLC also monitors the BaseMin inventory within established reserve requirements. We stand committed to keeping your operation running.

What type of quality assurance protocols are in place in support of the BaseMin product?

GLC Minerals is a Safe Feed/Safe Food (SF/SF) Certified American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) manufacturer of quality feed ingredients. BaseMin is fully supported by an established SF/SF certification program and HACCP protocols. In addition, GLC Minerals quality program is further supported by ISO 9001:2015 certification. Mineral quality, formulation, and blend consistency are further verified by 3rd party laboratory testing.

Is BaseMin made up of by-products?

GLC Minerals processes carbonate minerals to meet customer and market requirements. This results in feed minerals which range in particle size from large to very fine in size. The chemistry of the feed mineral remains the same regardless of particle size. BaseMin is specifically manufactured and blended to reduce sift and sort in the mix while optimizing bioavailability to the cow. BaseMin is not comprised of any by-product material or considered a co-product of our manufacturing process.

What type of shrink can you expect using BaseMin?

Shrink is an important consideration when evaluating moving away from a macromineral pre-mix. No dairy operation is the same. Our customers typically report shrink in the 2-3% range. GLC Minerals stands ready to work with your feed mixer, dairy manager and nutritionist to meet this expectation.