Quite a Past….What a Future!

glc minerals history
The company originated as the Hurlbut Calcium and Chemical Company in 1871 by entrepreneur, Fred Hurlbut Sr., who realized the strategic location of Green Bay and the economic opportunity of Great Lakes shipping following the Civil War. By 1913, second generation owner, Fred Hurlbut Jr. had grown the company into a major coal and bulk distributor in Northeast Wisconsin. In 1940 the F. Hurlbut Company relocated to its current location at the mouth of the Fox River. At this time the Hurlbut Calcium and Chemical Company began and started to provide agricultural limestone to farmers in the area.

Under the direction of Wesley H. Garner I, Charles Bennett, and Frederick J. Lenfestey, third generation family members, the Hurlbut Company diversified the calcium and concrete products businesses. Frederick L. Garner joined the company in 1965, and after serving in various capacities in the Hurlbut Company, he purchased Hurlbut Calcium and Chemical from the family in 1986. After changing its name to Great Lakes Calcium Corporation to better reflect its strength, the company focused on reinvesting corporate profit in plant and equipment to produce a diverse and high quality product line.

Wesley Hurlbut Garner II, the fifth generation family member to own Great Lakes Calcium Corporation, purchased the company in December of 1996. The company, also known as GLC, continues to grow and reinvest. Recent investments include modernization of drying equipment, updating process control systems and adding additional storage capacity.

As a better reflection of the current products and markets GLC serves, the company changed it’s name from Great Lakes Calcium to GLC Minerals, LLC, in May, 2015. In addition to the name change, GLC launched GLC Integrated Services, LLC, a trans-load company serving Wiconsin’s dairy industry with cost-effective movement of product from rail to truck to farm, and Hurlbut Holdings, which will serve as the parent holding company for GLC Minerals and GLC Integrated Services. Click here for GLC Rebranding Press Release.