OMRI Certified Organic Agronomy Minerals for Crop Management

GLC Minerals offers OMRI certified, organic mineral solutions for your soil health and crop nutrition. Mined in North America, we manufacture highquality, natural carbonates and gypsum for organic farm application. No additional chemicals are introduced with processing or storage so you can ensure the purity of the product. Explore our three OMRI certified mineral soil amendments available for custom order and delivery across the Midwest.

Explore Our OMRI Certified Organic Products

Premium Supplier for Midwest Organic Producers

Wisconsin is second in the number of certified organic farms in the nation, and those numbers are increasing. GLC Minerals is a trusted source for soil nutrition for organic farmers across the Midwest.

OMRI Certified Organic Solutions to Your Crop Yield

Agronomy ProductTypeBest SoilBest CropBenefit
Organic UltraCalNatural Calcium Carbonate with high Calcium content and low Magnesium ContentHeavy soil that is in ne­ed of pH adjustmentAlfalfa, Corn Silages, Corn, SoybeansFast-acting neutralizer, bulk powder, cost-effective.
Organic UltraMagNatural Dolomitic LimeSoils needing Magnesium and increased pH. CornHigh neutralizer, up to 4.5 times slower release, bulk powder, cost-effective
Organic MegaSolNatural GypsumHeavy soils that are high in Magnesium, low in Calcium and needs improved soil structure.Potato, vegetables, alfalfa, corn, soybeans.pH neutral, season-long release, cost-effective.

Why OMRI Certified Organic?

By prioritizing the longterm health, longevity, and sustainability of the soil integral to their business and bottom line, organic farms have an inherently thoughtful and longterm approach. Prioritizing quality over quantity and committing to sustainable practices, organic producers understand that serving the earth first results in nutrientdense and healthy crops for consumption by humans and animals alike.

What Your Organic Soil Needs

Natural Minerals = Healthy Ecosystem

Organic producers are faced with daily challenges. Without replenishing the soil with natural minerals, soil structures are often impeded and unable to process and preserve water as it moves from the environment to the field to the plant. Common agripractices can often detract from sustainability and the destruction of the soil tilth. Organic producers understand leveraging the symbiotic relationship of mineral inputs, biology, and soil structure to promote soil fertility and health. Nutrient density, yield, and sustainability are complementary principles of organic producers and GLC Mineral products bolster each of those principles.

See the OMRI Certified Organic Difference

Organic producers understand that all farming begins with the soil. Replenishing the soil with natural carbonates and gypsum rejuvenates the complex soil ecosystem. Adding mineral soil nutrition spurs mineral release and transfer from the soil to the crop. When brought back into balance and sustained, the soil will naturally reduce its reliance of chemical inputs as its health increases.

Delivery and Spreading

With a significantly higher level of solubility than comparable products, GLC is your trusted source for your cows’ magnesium and calcium nutritional requirements. Contact our customer solutions experts about order size and delivery requirements or constraints. We are ready to customize a nutrition solution that works for your herd and bottom line. 

Organic Frequently Asked Questions

OMRI is recognized across the United States as an independent body certifying products and practices
for organic production. GLC Minerals recognizes OMRI as a national leader in organic certification.

As a national leader in organic certification, OMRI is routinely recognized for its independent evaluation
and authorization of organic inputs. By obtaining OMRI certification, your regional certification body
may elect to accept our products as an organic input without further need for independent evaluation.
OMRI Certification further allows producers to use listed products with confidence.

We strongly recommend that organic producers always check with their certification body regarding the
suitability of products and practices in support of their production. As OMRI listed products, GLC’s
organic agronomy minerals may be purchased and incorporated with confidence. If approved,
producers may not need to seek preauthorization and evaluation from their certification body.

Currently, GLC Minerals offers three products listed with OMRI for organic use. These include;
Organic UltraCal
Organic UltraMag
Organic MegaSol
Note: currently, these products are only offered in bulk, (nonbagged) truckload quantities. At this time, bagged products are supported with GRAS Statements (Generally Recognized as Safe) issued by GLC Minerals to organic producers.

The purchase of GLC’s organic agronomy products should meet your certification body requirements.
We understand that mistakes can happen, and producers inadvertently purchase the wrong product.
Don’t worry. All our minerals are naturally mined and never chemically altered through processing. GLC
Minerals will issue a GRAS Statement (Generally Recognized as Safe) in support of use as an organic
input to be provided to your certification body for approval. We will cooperate with your certification
body to facilitate the approval process.

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